Kabaty Forest and Powsin Park

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This area of woodland to the south of the capital is a popular place for hiking and cycling. It's an extremely scenic way to leave the urban demands of city life behind and grab lungfuls of fresh air.

Kabaty forest is one of the favourite spots for Varsovians because it's not so far away from the city center and it's easy to get there. If you take Warsaw's one- line metro to its last stop, Kabaty (about twenty minutes), you will be a short walk from Kabaty forest. Another good way is to go by bus (519) or a bicycle to the village of Powsin.

Powsin Park is another popular weekend destination for Varsovians, many of whom cycle there along one of the city's few genuine cycle paths. It has many attractions including a beautiful botanical garden, tennis courts, a picnic area and an outdoor chess tournament. There is also one of the outdoor Warsaw pools.

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Kabaty Forest and Powsin Park
02-797 Warszawa

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